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September 26th, 2013

Organic Lead and Traffic Generation Marketing System

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Internet TV Traffic is an organic lead and traffic generation marketing system with Russell Brunson coaching people on taking an online business or a brick and mortar business and making it happen. It’s set up in lesson form and the lessons cover about anything you can imagine regarding internet marketing. The very first one is an Internet Marketing Overview.


In this video Russell teaches the basics of internet marketing. He is the founder and owner of and one of the top recognized minds in internet marketing.


Russell helps people to start, grow and promote their home business online. These people generally fall into one of three categories:
1) A person who wants to start an online business
2) A person who already has a business and wants to learn how to grow it
3) A person who is a local internet marketing consultant


Regardless of your industry, you should have an online presence that consists of more than just a website. Your business should consist of three components which Russell covers in detail in the internet marketing System Overview.


1) Product or service that you are selling – why it’s important that you whole heartedly believe in what you’re selling
2) Your website with the goal of generating leads and ultimately making sales
3) How to market and get prospects coming from multiple sources to your website


In the first month the lessons also cover outsourcing, email and Google local traffic.


The second month’s lessons in Internet TV Traffic include Google Analytics, Pay per Click basics, PPC Essentials and an Introduction to Adwords.


Months 5 and 6 cover SEO and Link Building for SEO, and the list goes on and on. There are 52 Weeks of Training on this website too and the 1st 4 weeks are free. They cover just about every subject you NEED to know.


There’s something for everyone in Internet TV Traffic the Worlds’ #1 Organic Lead and Traffic Generation Marketing System.


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September 15th, 2013

Google’s Keyword Tool Is Dead

If you are in article marketing you know the necessity of keyword research and SEO. You have to research the best keywords and then do the SEO using those keywords. Now that Google’s Keyword Tool is dead we have to find something else to use. While you can use the replacement tool—their Keyword Planner—you must open an account and accounts are no longer free.

I know of four alternatives at the moment.


The number one, top of the line keyword search tool is at

Webfire was developed by people who understand software as well as marketing techniques. However, it’s very costly. That’s to be expected for the top of the line in anything. With Webfire you get 27 traffic-getting tools.


When it comes to businesses getting free traffic, leads, rankings, and exposure for their websites and brands, automation is the key.



Has 22 traffic-getting software tools
Lets you promote unlimited websites
Has world class training and Support
Has a 30 day money back guarantee and you don’t have to upload or download any software to use it.


It works for any site, whether it’s a WordPress site, any other type of blog, or just a website that doesn’t have a blog. It doesn’t matter what kind of website that you have, if you want to promote it and get fast free traffic, leads and exposure, WebFire can help you do that.


It works on a Mac or PC – it doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have. You simply need to be able to connect to the internet and use your internet browser to access the WebFire membership and the software.


This works in any country in the world that you want to access the internet from and promote a website in that location or promote it globally.


Following are three free keyword research tool sites.

1) Keyword Eye is a British site that lets you keep an eye on the competition and monitor how websites link to you.


2) Keyword Spy allows you to perform advanced keyword research and keyword tracking to study what your competitors have been advertising in their Adwords campaigns and other PPC campaigns. You can get complete in-depth analysis, stats, budget, affiliates & ad copies of your competitors.


3) SEM Rush performs the same as Keyword Spy but allows you to go deeper with your research.


Of course there are paid plans in all three free sites from which you can compare and choose. Since Google’s keyword tool is dead, you can use one of these alternatives for your marketing needs.

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September 4th, 2013

What’s the entire buzz about GVO?

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GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) formerly Kiosk is a company owned by Joel Therien who has a 14 year track of experience in the network marketing and internet marketing industries.


GVO has rapidly created a big buzz in the internet marketing and the MLM , Network marketing arenas due to the fact that it is the only company online that has the knowhow and the expertise to join these two very important business models in a once in a lifetime opportunity.


What makes GVO such an incredible business opportunity?


The answer to this question is twofold:


First of all when you get your hosting package through GVO you will get several services like unlimited autoresponder system, complete video marketing system with easy video producer and video hosting, full audio and video conferencing system, downtime monitoring software, that not only are included but that will also mean significant savings compared to buying all these services separately.


Second, you will have the opportunity to participate in a MLM compensation plan that is much more than a simple affiliate program and makes it an entire business in itself, let me explain:


How do I get compensated?


To motivate you to promote the business, GVO pays you 50% commission on the first month of every person that is directly sponsored by you.


Then we have the Unilevel Matrix Plan that will pay you 5% per month of up to levels down making this a full matrix of 2,046 people and that alone will earn you $4,600.00 per month!


Wait! It gets even better because you will also get a 20% matching bonus on your personal referrals down to 10 levels.


Once you have a downline of 14 people or more then you earn a new profit position in the matrix that you can also make money off of.


What guarantees that people will stay?


If you have been online for some time and you are serious about building an internet business, you know that in today’s market, these are tools that you or any internet marketer can’t afford not to have and that you will be using on a daily basis and that is the key that makes the compensation plan a very successful one.


With this business model you will build an organization of avid and constant users who will be using the services everyday to run their businesses and therefore will be happy to keep paying their monthly fee!


How do I join?


At GVO we even give you the opportunity to try us and fall in love with our services before you commit to a longer stay.


Just pay $1.00 today and this will give you full access to all the services and features for a full 14 day trial period.


Hope you find everything you are looking for under one roof with unsurpassed quality, see you inside!


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