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June 29th, 2015

An Internet Sales Funnel

by Rahimah Sultan

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Are you totally new to online marketing and have no clue how to start? Some people start out with affiliate marketing as they have not decided what area to focus on or a niche, or even if they want to pursue a business of their own. As an affiliate marketer you will get some experience at advertising online and building a marketing funnel or an internet sales funnel.


Soon you will probably want to consider building a business of your own so that you have total control and make all the income instead of building someone else’s business. With the proper information and training you can do just that. You can learn how to build a full-time, long-term business for next to nothing and have the tools to do so while continuing to be an affiliate marketer.


To conduct your own business online you will need to set up a site such as a blog. To do this choose a domain name and a hosting company. Once your site is set up you will need to advertise to get visitors by using a lead capture page—a way to get people to opt in to your email list. This system then becomes an internet sales funnel. Once you have decided on your product or service you will have this list of interested prospects to sell to. You will need an autoresponder to maintain contact with your list.


You can develop your own product or service and advertise it with your lead capture page (LCP). You may have a physical place of business that you can bring online and make that the focus of your website. Use the business name as your domain name and proceed from there.


You may want to use drop shipping for your physical products, or you may want to be a reseller for others and need contracts. I used this for step-by-step assistance with setting up An Internet Sales Funnel using a blog and tying everything together for business.


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June 22nd, 2015

Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan

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A few years ago I worked four years at a federal government supported program. While there I had seriously begun checking into working online and internet marketing training. The person who was my supervisor had established the office where I was employed. She passed away about a year before I was scheduled to leave. The new supervisor was from out of state and not able to be in the office until about six months later.


In the meantime, I and one other staff member basically ran the office, with the help of two area directors from two different offices who had signature authority. Needless to say, that was a very stressful time.


When the new director arrived he wanted me to overhaul the office which included sorting and discarding old files and rearranging files and the filing system that had been in place for about 15 years. This was a lot of work to try to squeeze into my allotted 20 hours a week, but it had to be done along with my other duties. Of course I ended up working more hours. Each day I would dash home to do my internet marketing training.


This was a challenging dilemma for me as I was just starting to get into the online business world and was on overload with the learning curve involved in internet marketing. As I only had a certain number of months left in the program, the director and I compromised. He allowed me to take the extra hours off at the end of my time. That allowed me to leave that job sooner and to be able to focus solely on my internet marketing training.


Sometimes things just do not go as planned and we have to switch gears or just hang in there and do what we can until things become manageable again. There will always be challenges to overcome in life and certainly in the internet marketing business. You must have commitment, set your priorities, focus, and do the required work, and you must not spread yourself too thin.


Through commitment, focus, work, and Internet Marketing Training you can overcome challenges you may face in your online efforts.


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June 8th, 2015

Internet Marketing Solutions

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In the online business world there are three key things needed to grow your business. These Internet Marketing Solutions include targeted traffic, something to sell, and a marketing funnel. These key factors are needed for all products and services sold online.


Targeted Traffic


The first element you need to grow your online business is a steady flow of targeted customers visiting your website and online sales pages. These are people who are genuinely interested in your products or services. You can buy traffic or use free sources or both. Paid traffic includes pay per click, banner advertisements, solo ads and ezine advertising. Article marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing and blogging are some free ways of getting targeted traffic.


Product or Service


Part of your Internet Marketing Solutions includes something to sell. It can be an actual physical product that is shipped to buyers or a digital product that can be instantly downloaded to their computers. If you do not have a product of your own, there are many places to find good products to sell as an affiliate marketer. Click bank, JV Zoo, and Deal Guardian are a few. Just make sure they are good products that solve people’s problems. This is especially important for your prospective buyers. You want them to trust you and your recommendations.


Marketing Funnel


You need a follow up strategy for people who do not buy from you the first time they visit your site. A marketing funnel serves that purpose by capturing visitors’ information and adding them to a list of prospects to be contacted at a later date. They may like what you are offering but need more time to get to know and trust you before making a purchase. Once you have a prospect’s information you can remind them of your products and services in a number of ways that include email marketing, online webinars and social media.


To be successful with your internet marketing business you must use effective advertising. You must use these three key Internet Marketing Solutions.


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June 1st, 2015

Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Lines

by Rahimah Sultan

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This is a discussion of a few quick tips to improve your email marketing subject lines. To start, keep your message straightforward and avoid splashy promotional phrases, all capital letters, or exclamation marks in your subject lines. Subject lines using questions can often perform better.


Be aware of your list quality and how often you email. When readers know what they are going to receive, they are more likely to open emails. Your list of engaged subscribers are more inclined to open and read them. If you start with a good list but send too often, open rates decline. I am listing only a few quick tips.


Your subject line should be no more than 50 characters long. Follow grammar rules.


Do not use false or misleading promises. You will be viewed as untrustworthy.


Make it clear how your readers will benefit from your email. Let them know about that SEO information.


Use questions to get your readers’ attention. “Is your blog in need of content?”


Use numbers in your subject line. “Are you making these 5 blogging mistakes?”


Hopefully these quick tips to improve your email marketing subject lines will help with your open rates.


For more tips read Olivia Allen’s 19 Quick tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Lines.


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