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October 14th, 2015

3 Things To Understand About Internet Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan
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Working for yourself affords many personal benefits, although the ultimate goal is creating revenue. When it comes to advertising your website there are many options that include free and low-cost ad techniques that include social media.

While sharing information about your brand, products or services through posts, tweets, images and video, you have the opportunity to develop an honest bond with customers who are left feeling good about purchasing from you. Whatever marketing paths you choose there are three things to understand about Internet marketing.


1) Web Design


Even though you are utilizing fresh blog articles, a mobile-responsive design and other optimization techniques, your website should be user-friendly and interesting enough to make visitors stay. These key web design features will all play an important part in your advertising strategies.


2) SEO


Proper use of SEO can make a big impact on how well you perform over competitors in your niche. While incorporating relevant keywords throughout your site is an important step, it is not the only one. Other factors to consider are links to your site, social media, and reviews – links from high-quality and authoritative sites being the most important of these. Search engines see these links as votes of confidence for your site, allowing for higher rankings.


3) Selling is a Process


You have to understand your target audience and their needs, then create content for all stages of your sales funnel, which allows you to have a much higher chance of turning site visitors into paying customers. Traffic is not the most important metric when it comes to measuring online marketing success. Your focus should be your site’s ability to turn visitors into leads.


Internet marketing is a constantly-changing industry. Practices shift and search engine results pages become increasingly competitive. What works today may not work a month from now.


Having a good web design with proper SEO goes a long way in your marketing process as does knowing your target audience and their needs. These are 3 things to understand about Internet marketing to aide in your online success.


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October 6th, 2015
Comments Off on Starting A Home Business With No Money

Starting A Home Business With No Money

by Rahimah Sultan

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How do you spend money to make money when you have no money?

As the saying goes, you need to spend money to make money. But how do you do that, when you have absolutely no money to start a home business?!

Any business you start will have fees and costs. If you start a blog, you will need money for hosting and themes.

If you start an independent consultant business, you need to buy a kit to join. The kits range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.

If you start a business where you sell products, you have to invest in the products to sell.

It does not really matter what kind of business you start, there are going to be costs associated with it.

You will need to figure out the kind of business you want and how to get the money to get started.

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You may want to have a blog, which is a low-cost way to start in business, while you figure out your next steps.

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April 13th, 2015

Mistakes Home Business Owners Make

by Rahimah Sultan

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Are you a home business owner or thinking about working for yourself and starting a home based business? If so, then you have to read the following mistakes home business owners make.


Some things included on the list are treating your job as a hobby, not setting hours, neglecting to set goals, not setting work time and family time and not having a business website.


Working at home in your own business requires the same discipline as working in an office for someone else. If you treat your business like a hobby it will be difficult to make progress. You must have a plan, a proper set up and keep good records.


If you are truly serious about a home business, these are some serious considerations you must accept. You must have a plan and structure. These mistakes home business owners make are covered in detail in the article 9 Mistakes Most Home Business Owners Make. You can click here to read it.


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February 7th, 2015

10 Tips for Successfully Working from Home

by Rahimah Sultan

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“The rise of the digital age has allowed more and more people to work remotely and to start businesses in the comfort of their own homes. Working out of your house has a lot of advantages — no dress code, no commute, and more autonomy. But it also comes with unique challenges.”


There are some things you need to consider in order to be successful. Among them are setting a schedule, deciding whether to get dressed or not, when to run your personal errands, how to set up your computer, and your social life.


Whether you have children or not, be flexible and experiment. Try different schedules and set-ups to figure out what is best for you.


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January 16th, 2015

How To Keep Yourself Motivated When Working At Home

by Rahimah Sultan

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Working from home can present a tremendous motivational challenge. Working in isolation can take its toll, and it can be difficult for you to keep a positive attitude. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep yourself motivated when working at home.


You should schedule breaks. Work on parts of major tasks for a certain amount of time each, and then get away from it. That will help to clear your head and keep you focused when you resume work.


Reward yourself during the day for completing certain things. You can work for a certain amount of time and then take a break to play a game or watch a TV program. Using distractions as rewards can create balance so that you don’t have that feeling of all work and no play.


Plan your day with a to-do list made the night before or first thing each morning. Prioritize tasks, state what needs to be done to complete them, and do those things before anything else.


And best of all, as a freelancer, you can vary your workplace. You do not have to work inside in the same room all the time. Although you most likely have a designated area for an “office” or an actual office, you can always take some time to pack up your office and work someplace else for a few hours, a day or a working vacation. After all, it’s your business.


Hopefully these tips on How To Keep Yourself Motivated When Working At Home can help you remain a motivated freelancer.


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January 10th, 2015

Starting A Home Business In Retirement

by Rahimah Sultan

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So, you’ve decided you want to work for yourself when you reach age 65 or so. There are three key factors to consider before diving into entrepreneurship and starting a home business in retirement.



Be realistic about the time, energy, and cost of starting a new venture. The flexibility of freelancing or consulting from home would be a better option than setting up a labor-intensive physical company. Consider the investment capital you’ll need and formulate a plan.



Will you be able to handle working in the same place you live? If so, then consider what you’ll need to make an area of your home a functional work space. If you have a spouse, discuss it and work out the details that could be tolerated by both.



On a day-to-day basis, do you have the energy and the strength for starting a home business in retirement? If you’re not sure, consider finding ways to minimize the effort. Maybe a virtual assistant could help or a rescaling of objectives.


As an entrepreneur, you’re in the company of people who want to and are able to act upon controlling their own destiny. Eat well, get rest, and exercise. You’ll be a better businessperson for it, and it will help you enjoy the experience of entrepreneurship all the more.


When considering Starting A Home Business In Retirement, you must address these three major areas.


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July 11th, 2014

Affiliate Marketing Niches

by Rahimah Sultan

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According to Jon Allo, the most popular affiliate marketing niches are health, wealth and romance which are evergreen niches, because people will always have problems they want solved.


As an affiliate marketer you find a product that you like and then you promote it. You want to find useful products in affiliate marketing niches that solve people’s problems.


If you do not like these niches there are plenty of others to consider that include:
Self Help
Gourmet Foods And Coffee
Parents And Children
Household and Home
Hobbies and Leisure


When deciding on an online business that includes affiliate marketing you must consider several things, among them just the basics that some people do not think about. (See article) As an affiliate marketer, you can promote digital products and combine them with tangible ones.


If you choose any of the affiliate marketing niches mentioned and they are digital products, you can also offer tangible products that compliment them such as calming candle lights, health supplements, stress-busting devices, and even massage technology for the self-help niche. If you choose the pets niche you can promote pet food and toys along with a digital course on caring for a pet.


Do your research to determine what you need for setting up your online business. Then decide whether or not you want to include affiliate marketing niches.


Click to Read Jon Allo’s article.


June 6th, 2014

Make Money Online From Home

by Rahimah Sultan

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So you want to make money online from home. Where do you start?


Well, what do you like to do? What are your hobbies? What do you spend time on every day that you love doing? If you want to do what you love doing and also make serious money doing it, then start planning a way to get it out to the public. Consider using a blog to monetize your hobby which has now become your business.


You must be able to visualize the business growth. Think big. Don’t put any limitations on your business. It should be scalable and grow large enough to support what you want out of life. In other words, have a clear vision of how you want to make money online from home – a clear picture of what your business will look like. Only then can you truly move forward and make progress. Think what life will be like in the future. Don’t just start something because everyone else is doing it and it looks like you can make some money.


Once you have the big picture begin with small steps. Decide what strategies you will implement to reach your long-term goal. Will it be article marketing or something else. Pick one strategy and use it in the beginning. When you start getting the results you want from that one, you can add another.


Always remember that earning money online is simple but not easy. You must show up to your job daily and consistently put in the work to get results. Your business is your job and showing up to work constitutes 99% of your success. So plan your work and work your plan to make money online from home.

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March 14th, 2014

Internet Marketing Rejection

by Rahimah Sultan


Rejection of any kind hurts. It’s no different with Internet Marketing Rejection. What matters is how you deal with it. Rejection does have a place and a purpose in your internet marketing business. You will not get a “yes” all the time. Rather than quitting, use rejection as a motivator. Keep learning about your business and find out what you can do differently or what you can improve.


Power of Rejection

Don’t hand your power over to rejection. Don’t let it rule your mind and control you. If you do, it could be devastating, because you can lose your money and not achieve your dreams and goals.

Rejection Mindset

We tend to take rejection personally because we invest so much time and effort in our product or service. So we need to change our mindset about Internet Marketing Rejection. It’s not personal. When someone does not want to use your services, it’s not about you. Most of the time the prospect’s reasons for saying “no” have nothing to do with you. It may not be the right time, it might not be a great fit for their business, or maybe they are having trouble making a decision at the moment. So you just move on, but you can stay in touch.


Dwelling on Rejection

Avoid dwelling on rejection. Instead focus on what you are working toward and do the daily tasks required to achieve that end. Learn all you can to improve your chances of success and work on your business daily.


Be honest with yourself about what you don’t know so that you can give yourself the opportunity to learn it and to grow, both personally and in your Internet Marketing business. Use the right tools to lessen the chances of Internet Marketing Rejection.


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December 22nd, 2013

Marketing Roadmap Success: Getting Free Traffic Part Two

by Rahimah Sultan


This is part two of Marketing Roadmap Success: Getting Free Traffic. In part one we covered getting backlinks, SEO and better SEO positioning. We will now discuss social networks, forums / discussion boards / online communities, video sharing, and review sites.


As stated before, the series contains seven videos. This article covers the last four of the seven Marketing Roadmap Success strategies for getting free traffic to your site.


1)  Social Networks


Facebook and Twitter are both social networking tools, like an online community. You can use them to find people you know, business partners, and business groups and prospective connections. To sign up is free, and you can easily integrate the two so that people can keep up with you and get to know you better. This is a way of building trust between you and prospective clients.

2)  Forums, Discussion Boards and Online Communities


Forums, discussion boards, and online communities are similar to blog posting and comment posting so there are not a lot of different things to learn. You just have to follow the guidelines for each. To find forums and the like, just do a search online for ones that suit your needs. Used correctly these methods can get you good backlinks and good traffic back to your site.


3)  Video Sharing Sites


Video sharing gets traffic back to your site, especially if you use You Tube and Facebook and integrate them with Twitter.  The tools you’ll need for videos depend on the kind of videos you want to make. There are paid and free versions of video tools. Using this technique with other online advertising methods can multiply your exposure.


4)  Review Sites


A lot of people go to review sites to decide whether or not they want to buy a certain product. There will probably be a review site for whatever niche or market you’re in: travel, movies, books, games, holidays, cars and products. You can contact the industry owner and find out how to get listed for a review.


Otherwise you can find a lot of individuals who are website owners, one-person businesses and internet or affiliate marketers.  You can go to forums and find review sites. The video covers the procedure for doing this. Find sites and be ready for them to honestly review you.


By incorporating these four strategies into your marketing, you can get increased backlinks and exposure for your Marketing Roadmap Success: Getting Free Traffic strategies.


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