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August 3rd, 2015

Affiliate Marketing: Some Myths You Need To Know

by Rahimah Sultan

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Are you a brand manager or a marketing director or the all-in-one head person of a start up? Maybe you are considering setting up an affiliate program for your business. There are some misconceptions about affiliate marketing—some myths you need to know.


One is that affiliate systems are quick and easy to manage. 2) You need to work in a very popular niche in order to make it work. 3) Affiliate marketing is an old strategy, 4) In order to have success your product has to be on as many sites as possible.


As far as affiliate systems being quick and easy to manage, there is a lot of competition. The problem of niches is solvable, affiliate marketing is far from being a thing of the past, and you do not need to have your products on a bazillion sites.


Steve Olenski debunks these myths in his article 4 Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need To Know. There is a lot of competition in affiliate marketing, a lot of companies do not even bother because they think they have too small a market, link building is outdated, and the best thing about affiliate marketing is quality not quantity.


For an in-depth understanding of these points you can read the article here.


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