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August 11th, 2015

Promotion With Article Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan

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Several years ago if you wanted to rank high in Google’s search, article marketing was the way to do it, using competitive long-tailed keywords for the same articles on different sites. It was free content. Once spammers learned they could get ranked on the first page of Google search, they set up sites specifically for ranking, using keyword stuffing. These keywords had very little, if anything, to do with the information or products on their sites. Google has cracked down on this practice by allowing only original content to be published for promotion with article marketing.


The point of article marketing is to get one-way backlinks to your site. There is an area called a “Resource Box” where you can put a bit of information about your business and a couple of links pointing back to you.


You can no longer go to different article marketing sites with the same article. If it is published anyplace on the Internet it will be rejected as duplicate content. To get the most natural links create some unique content that no one else has published, and do it on a site you own. Then do promotion with article marketing using your own original articles, and use different marketing strategies to promote your site. You can still use article marketing sites or directories for publishing content, but it must be original.


Write content for your particular audience that solves a particular problem and encourages engagement. Content marketing is about sharing valuable information to attract prospects and turning them into customers and repeat buyers. Choose a topic or niche for your site and begin writing articles based on that and start Promotion With Article Marketing.


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April 26th, 2015

Article Marketing for Website Promotion

by Rahimah Sultan

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Article marketing is the practice of posting keyword-focused articles on article sites that then syndicate your content. These sites have a large readership following, and that benefits you as a publisher. Once your article is accepted for publication it can be republished by others. Article marketing for website promotion can get you backlinks which bring people to your site.


For example, say you write an article about using social media as a tool to get people to purchase your product. Others who want to write about the same subject may link to your article and that is more exposure for you. Some article sites allow you to use HTML links in your articles while others let you include a link back to your site only in the resource box. Either way it is a one-way link back to your site. A one-way link is the best kind of link. When anyone uses your article they must name you as the author and keep any links in your article.


Do some keyword research before writing your article to give yourself the best opportunity to be found. Your keywords should be relevant to your article purpose or niche. Use your main keywords or keyword phrase in the title of your article and as the link to be clicked on in the resource box. Make sure your articles contain quality content and are well written and proofed so that you look professional. I hope these tips on Article Marketing for Website Promotion will help you get started with your article marketing.

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