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October 25th, 2014

Your Commitment To Internet Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan

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If you are starting a business are you fully committed to doing what it takes to make it a success? Have you decided what avenues to use for growth? What is your commitment to Internet Marketing for your business and how do you deal with the marketing?


Are you going to use a blog, social media, traffic exchanges, safe lists, and email marketing? Will you use both paid and free sources. You must include a marketing strategy in your business plan and it has to outline the way you will handle your marketing.


The first thing you must know before starting a business is your personality and philosophy. Are you a person who is passionate, persistent and who perseveres once you commit to something?


I was reading a magazine article by Dr. Philllip C. McGraw in which he stated, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”


He went on to say that at age 12 he discovered that he was an all-or-nothing person. If he let himself get careless in school, everything else started to slide. If he aimed to be the best in one area that commitment raised his game across the board.


If in your commitment to Internet Marketing you decide to use a blog as your platform you must make regular posts.


When using social media you have to follow through with ways that increases your audience, engagement, and sales.


With traffic exchanges and safe lists you have to pay for traffic or surf for credits or do both in order to send out mailings (Ads) daily.


So figure out your philosophy or guiding principle which in turn will determine your commitment to Internet Marketing for your business.


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