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November 14th, 2014

10 Essential Tips In Email Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan

Email marketing is used when you obtain the email addresses of visitors to your blog or website by using an opt-in form.

The opt-in form is an area where you request the name and email address of a reader in exchange for a report or information article, usually offered free and as an addition to a sales page.

Once email addresses are procured, subsequent emails are sent, at various intervals, to the reader offering further free information and options to subscribe to membership sites or opportunities to receive further support and advice on a specific topic.

Email marketing is the sending of the periodic emails promoting further benefits.

Top tips when carrying out this type of marketing are:

1. Straight forward opt-in form – make sure the reader knows exactly how to request information using simple boxes and instructions such as one box for their name and another for their email address

2. Opt-out information – always reassure the reader that, should they wish to be removed from a mailing list, this is done without question and immediately

3. Be up front – provide your subscribers with all information regarding subsequent emails and frequency, what they can expect from you and what they will get or benefit from by your emails and information provided

4. Always provide a “call to action” – readers need to be instructed on what to do next so always request a call to action and what will be received by the reader once done

5. Easy reading – make your information easy to read with a basic format, titles, subtitles and key words so a reader can scan the information and get the important facts

6. Request feedback – ask the reader what they want and request feedback and comments on your content and reports. If it doesn’ deliver as promised, ask for advice on improving

7. Regularity – provide updates and information on a regular basis. Your readers will learn to expect newsletters, emails, and so on, on a regular basis so will not be surprised when they receive subsequent emails

8. Varied media – remember there are various ways to access the internet and many people use desktops, laptops, mobile apps, tablets to name a few so the layout of your information is important. Check the content on various devices and make amendments to make it attractive to the eye if possible

9. Remain approachable – let your own character and personality come through in your writing and you will gain association with your readers. If you stay human you can be viewed as a reliable source of information

10. Add value – make sure everything you say provides your reader with a valuable experience such as providing tips, lists, how to achieve something and worthwhile reading.

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October 10th, 2014

Become A Champion Internet Marketer

by Rahimah Sultan

photo from blog


In the world of sports there are many champions whose goal is to be number 1 in the world. People will remember the Olympic champion but not who comes in second.


Fortunately, in Internet Marketing you do not have to be number 1, because everyone has the opportunity to become a champion Internet marketer. You have to work hard like an athlete, but you don’t have to be number 1. You just have to be successful at what you’re doing to earn an income and have a scalable system. (one that allows for unlimited growth)


There are a few things that you should be doing to market like an Internet Marketing Champion.


1. You have to LOOK for what is missing and then provide it. Focus on SOLUTIONS. Not only what people need, but if you want to sell well you have to give people what they want. You’ll be much more successful by selling products that are interesting to you.


Before you create a product do research to make sure that people want to buy it. Even if you know they need it. People spend most of their money on what they want, not what they need.


2. You have to do what other people don’t want to do. You already know about the basics: classifieds, search engine placement, submitting articles, publishing your own ezine, building your own opt-in list, etc. But what else are you doing to build your business? Are you marketing offline, testing different sales letters to see what works best, marketing at least an hour a day, reviewing and updating your business plan, attending seminars, etc.?


3. To become a champion internet marketer you have to have a full-time attitude. Even if you only work on your business part time, you have to have a big vision and big reason. Your reason has to be something bigger than just making yourself happier or more comfortable.


4. Besides the right attitude, you have to have a product of value to give away, a medium-priced lead product and a higher-priced backend product.


Internet Marketing Champions know that success on the internet comes from building relationships. Care about what you’re doing and your clients. Become a champion internet marketer by solving people’s problems.


July 18th, 2014

Internet Marketing Strategies

by Rahimah Sultan
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As I was taking my morning walk, I was thinking about life’s patterns in general and business ones in particular. We establish certain daily routines that govern what actions we need to take to accomplish what we set out to do. If we work for someone else that employer has a job description with our tasks listed and it usually includes the phrase and other related duties. I was thinking about my Internet Marketing Strategies and what to do to improve them.


As a business owner and Internet Marketer, what marketing strategies can you use to improve your success? Have you written out your job description that includes a plan for marketing strategies and the related duties to accomplish your goal(s)?


You must take stock of where you are and consider where you want to be and how to get there. You must have a very clear purpose and goal. Here are three things to consider.


Market Your Own Product or Someone Else’s


If you do not have a product of your own, there many places to find good products to sell as an affiliate marketer. Click bank, JV Zoo, and Deal Guardian are a few. Just make sure they are good products that solve people’s problems. This is especially important for your list of prospective buyers. You want them to trust you and your recommendations.


Choose Your Platform


Will you be using a blog, social media, mobile media or others? A WordPress blog (Read Article) is an excellent advertising platform over which you have total control.


Online Advertising Techniques


These can include text and banner ads, content advertising, videos and more. Content marketing on your own blog is the best way to go. You can write articles about anything you want and monetize them.


So, put together a job description for yourself that includes the related duties you need to reach your goal and include these three Internet Marketing Strategies for your business.


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April 20th, 2013

New Marketing Tool

by Rahimah Sultan

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Hey, I found this great new marketing tool. Well, it’s new to me. The program is called AdKreator!


Adkreator is an easy to use yet very powerful do-it-yourself banner/ad creating service. It is 100% web based so there is no software to download. It’s so easy to use even the most design clumsy users can be creating professional designs without a nervous breakdown.


There is video training on how to use the system.


You can host your creations on the site or download them to your computer and upload them later to your own website.


Their template catalog contains hundreds of templates for banner ads, peel away ads, splash pages, website headers and so much more. You can design your own templates and save them to edit later. Then you can completely change the color, text or whatever of your saved template.


You can create your own professional squeeze pages with your text, photo, video and autoresponder code for building your list.


Currently, it is free to join AdKreator and test out their design system. Free members can save one design.


There is also an affiliate program.


I use this program and I think it’s wonderful!