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September 19th, 2014

Launching Your Website

by Rahimah Sultan

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So, you finally stopped dabbling in this thing or that for internet marketing and have set up your own website over which you have total control. Now you need some help with launching your website so the world will know about you and your services or products. Or maybe your site is not new. You just want more traffic. Hmmmm, how do you go about it?


I happened across this article that has some ideas. The author discusses how to create a good message that incorporates a gift which includes your branding, and where to broadcast this message. Of course your branding is the important thing in internet marketing. Then you use social networking sites and free and paid traffic sources to distribute your message when launching your website.


Put on your thinking cap and come up with places and traffic sources to either post the content or post a blurb with a link to the content? You want to leverage your internet marketing when launching your website.


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