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December 24th, 2015

No Free Rides in Business

by Rahimah Sultan

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I think most people realize there are really no free rides in life. This especially applies to business. You cannot get something for nothing. There are so many unscrupulous people trying every way possible to take your hard-earned money by daily touting free websites, automatic money machines, turnkey businesses and systems, your own branded website and on and on. There are no free rides in business. By using one of those sites or systems, you generally have no control. If they disappear so goes the business.


When my son was a teen, he pleaded with me to help him get a JVC player for either his Birthday or Christmas. Some of the details have faded from my memory. I do recall saying something like that’s a lot of money for something that probably won’t hold your interest for very long. It was a challenge being a single parent of two children and having to be really careful with my money.


My son has always been very industrious and worked part-time jobs as a teen. He offered to help pay for it, but since this was something he wanted so much, more so than anything before, I got it for him. He loved that player, and it was the beginning of a “paying” hobby for him as a DJ before joining the Air Force.


Early in his military career he was stationed in Germany, at Ramstein Air Force Base where I spent a month with him, just before the United States became involved in Iraq, in 2002, not knowing if I would see him alive again after that. I am very happy to say, although he went through a lot in his 23 plus years of active duty, he came out alive and well.


During that month, mid-December through mid-January, my son was attending school as well as working his base job. It was an unusually bitter winter. He was out in the evenings putting up posters to advertise his upcoming DJing gigs. He had some challenges early on but never gave up. Over the years he has become a major player in the DJ world, playing parties for some of the top hip hop artists around. He still plays today and does his 9-5.


Although I did not know it, his DJing dream began before he got that JVC player, which he still has and showed me while I was in Germany that month, and reminded me of what I had said all those years ago about a passing fancy.


If you are thinking of starting an Internet business, you must have a plan, be tenacious, and never give up. It will take time and you will see positive results only after doing the work.


So, forget about all the shiny objects thrown at you daily and decide what you want to accomplish and plan accordingly, because there are No Free Rides in Business.


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