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May 23rd, 2014

Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

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In order to build an effective Internet Marketing Sales Funnel (Click to read Internet Sales Funnel) you need to first set up a lead capture system to get prospects emails so that you can follow up with them later via an autoresponder. You do not want to send your prospects directly to your offer page only to have them decide not to buy what you have and then lose them forever. The entire concept of a funnel is to get as many people as you can into your system to buy from you at some later date even if they do not purchase anything right away.


After you get their email address you should use your autoresponder to follow up with them and give them another offer. This could be a front-end product, a one-time-only offer or some up-sale item. Make the product or service valuable enough so they will want to buy. Show them how it will solve a problem for them. The one-time-only (OTO) offer and up-sale products can be related and compliment the first purchase. The OTO is a specially priced item that will disappear when the person leaves the page. You can also offer a down-sell which is a watered down version of the initial product purchase but still has value. There are many ways to sell to people once they are in your funnel and you have their email addresses.


When using your autoresponder to send emails to prospects, do not always sell! Offer tips, ask questions and offer updates for upcoming webinars, etc. No one wants to be constantly sold.


Be sure you have a range of different products and services available for those who are serious about building their business. Be sure to keep your Internet Marketing Sales Funnel filled by advertising your lead capture pages.


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