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June 13th, 2014

Online Marketing For Long Term Traffic

by Rahimah Sultan


photo from blog

In TJ Philpott’s article Publishing Content For Long Term Traffic he discusses three simple ways that using content can keep you in front of people online.


Publishing content is one of the best ways to build traffic online. If your content is of good quality it can circulate online indefinitely, and this can brand you as an authority in your field. If it remains relevant the long-term benefit is continual traffic. Three ways to do online marketing for long term traffic and for branding and getting traffic long after being published are blogging, articles and video.


Blogging has become the rule now rather than the exception for maintaining an online presence.


Article directories are still a great platform for publishing content. People still use them to find what they are looking for, and article directories archive older publications so, that information can be accessed.


Video is becoming one of the most popular methods of sharing content, because people are visual and they would rather see and listen as opposed to read text. The fact that they can see and hear you builds trust and loyalty much faster. (Click to read article)


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