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July 29th, 2013

A Mile To The Library For Real Books

by Rahimah Sultan

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While taking few minutes break and ruminating on what to write about today, a nice summer breeze came through my window. Since I was trying to decide on a subject, my mind went back to my earlier years and my love of reading. There’s a break in the heat wave we’ve been having here and the temperature is about 75 degrees F, which reminded me of walking a mile to the library in Ohio when I was young and returning in time to sit in the porch swing and read before dark.


Remember when we were young and it was fun to read an actual physical book? Well, maybe reading was not a lot of people’s idea of fun, but it was for me. I used to try to figure out  how to get more reading time, especially in elementary and junior high school (now known as middle school) with all the homework.




I really looked forward to summer when school was out and I could walk that mile to the library and return home with at least four books that I had a month to read. In junior high it was pretty much the same scenario.


I remember a couple of my teachers (probably English) giving the class a reading list of classics to be read. I think it was given out a couple of times. I still have mine in a folder with an ongoing list of authors and titles I’ve wanted to read over the years.


As the saying goes, time really flies. I didn’t get to War and Peace until I was an adult and had returned to school when my children were teenagers. As anyone who has read it knows, it’s terribly long and is tedious reading with the philosophical interjections of Tolstoy. It took me three weeks to read it, including weekends. Since then I’ve read Anna Karenina at least three times, and I have the actual book. I love historical Russian novels.


Tablet and Ebook Technology


Anyway, the point of this prattle is new-fangled technology. I love having actual copies of books in my hands when reading. There’s something really comforting about curling up with a good book, and feeling and turning the pages as you read.


I have nothing against the advancement in technology. It’s great, since time seems to be scampering along so quickly and everyone needs to squeeze so much into each day. Having a tablet or ebook allows for reading on the go. I suppose they’re also convenient for students.




Although walking a mile to the library for real books was fun, there are now alternatives. These days, working from home online doesn’t allow me much reading time, no matter the form. So, I must say that ebooks and tablets allow people who access the Internet to see and buy products. Any business needs advertising, and that advertising needs to be available on the technology that people are using.


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