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May 25th, 2016

Start Your Blog

by Rahimah Sultan


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If you want to showcase your passion and expertise while branding yourself and your products, blogging is the way to go. Blogging allows you to present your knowledge and skills to the public.


If you have been thinking about blogging, now may be the time to start your blog.


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May 21st, 2016

Writing An Effective Autoresponder Series

by Rahimah Sultan

An autoresponder is a series of email marketing messages that get sent to subscribers in the order you choose and at the times you want.

An autoresponder can be the welcome message a prospect receives when signing up for your free report on woodworking, a three-part series on mango dessert recipes or a 10-day email course that tells people how to declutter their homes quickly and easily.

You do not want to stop with the welcome email. The smart move is to create a longer series of autoresponder messages.


Allow you to continually show your best content.
Allow you to deliver the same high-value experience to every new subscriber.
Are great places to mention related offers without sounding dodgy.
Allow you to slowly build trust with your audience and make sure your new subscribers do not forget you.

Use your autoresponders to:

1) Share a bit (do not over share) about yourself and your business journey.

2) Offer tips to your subscribers that they can implement immediately to help them.

3) Ask questions of your subscribers as to what related challenges they may have or how they found your site, and have them reply to your emails.

4) Offer them a short list of resources such as blogs, books, online tools, etc. that will help them meet their goals.

Deliver your emails via the autoresponder function of your email marketing program.
Write the best content you can for your autoresponder. The time you put in now can continue to grow your business in the future.

If someone joins your email list, it’s likely he or she will also want to connect with you on his or her favorite social media platform. So, share other ways to connect with you.

Before you start writing, make a short outline of how many messages you want to include and how far apart they should be delivered. This outline will keep you on track as you write the entire sequence. Begin with three to five emails.

Once you have written your emails, queue them up in your email service provider, and then test the series to make sure everything works properly.

Once you have completed the above, you can send visitors to your opt-in form and start getting subscribers.

The autoresponder’s most important function is to take people who are curious about what you do and turn them into raving fans. Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales.

Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience through effective subject line writing (which gets your messages opened); your distinctive voice (which gets your messages read); and delivering quality, niche-specific content your prospect needs and shares with others (which inspires referrals and word-of-mouth).

These tips will help you in Writing An Effective Autoresponder Series.

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May 12th, 2016

Article Marketing: SEO Tips and More

by Rahimah Sultan


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Article marketing is a type of advertising in which companies write and distribute short articles to a range of outlets such as article banks, forums, and newsletter publishers. Its main purpose is to gain a huge number of online audiences and boost the number of sales opportunities for products or services on websites. It is one of the most successful types of marketing a business can do. This old type of marketing strategy can help marketers acquire new visitors and increase sales on their websites. Article marketing is also one of the least costly ways to market a company. – Wikipedia


I found this piece, by Christina Walker, on article marketing. She covers three tips for getting it right. You need to use high-quality article directories, convince readers that you are a reputable, trustworthy resource, and you need to SEO your articles.


There are benefits to be gained from article marketing.


Use these article writing tips to create great helpful content that will spread your message, build your expertise, and that will build your brand and authority.


You can read the article here.


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May 5th, 2016

Affiliate Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan


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In affiliate marketing, affiliate management companies, in-house affiliate managers and third party vendors are effectively utilized for E-mail Marketing and Search Engine Marketing for the success of the product. Web traffic can be traced with the help of a third party or owners of the affiliate programs. Originally, affiliate marketing involved lots of spamming, false advertising, trademark infringement, etc. Since the invention of complex algorithms and advanced security, it’s safer to do business and shopping online. This even led to better scrutinizing of …


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