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April 12th, 2017

3 Keys to Internet Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan

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There are at least three things an Internet marketer needs for business; targeted traffic, a product or service, and a marketing funnel. Following are three keys to Internet Marketing.


Targeted Customers


You need targeted customers who are genuinely interested in your products or services. You can buy traffic or use free sources or both. You should be very careful when using paid sources for traffic, as it can become extremely expensive in a really short period of time.


Product or Service


Your product or service can be an actual physical product that is shipped to buyers or a digital product that can be instantly downloaded to their computers. If you don’t have your own product, you can use sources like Click bank, JV Zoo, and Deal Guardian, to name a few.


Just be sure that whatever the source, they are good products and not junk. You don’t want to taint your reputation. You can also become an affiliate for most products and earn commissions. Research the products and choose those with the best payout. You don’t want to spend your time promoting products that pay very little. Promote products that you use.


Follow-up Strategy


You need a follow up strategy for people who do not buy from you the first time they visit your site. A marketing funnel serves that purpose by capturing visitors’ information and adding them to your list of prospects to be contacted at a later date.


A marketing funnel is the process used to turn leads into customers beginning with the first interaction with you.


When someone sees an Ad linked to your venture and checks it out, it’s the first contact. Now you need a way to capture their information in order to follow up with them to get them to know, like, and trust you. You should have a form on that page asking for a name and email address. When this form is filled in, the prospect is taken to your thank you page which includes a link for the free gift you’ve offered in exchange for their information. This puts them on your list, and you can send them future emails that build a relationship, which will eventually entice them to buy from you.


Once you have a prospect’s information you can remind them of your products and services in a number of ways that include email marketing, online webinars and social media.


You can use an email autoresponder to develop the connection between you and a prospect. An autoresponder is a program that automatically generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular email address.


There are plenty of free marketing tools you can use in your business. You can check them out here.


You need targeted customers, a product or service, and a follow-up strategy for Internet marketing. Using these 3 keys to Internet marketing tips will help you get started.


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January 14th, 2016

3 Keys to Online Success

by Rahimah Sultan

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Plenty of people want to make money online. You need the proper mindset and a willingness to stay the course. Do not fall for advertising touting scams of earning money for doing nothing or getting rich in 30 days or any other thing that sounds too good to be true. Success is not easy. Once you have decided to venture out into the Internet world for business, these three keys to online success will help.

Build an Online Presence

You must be willing to invest in yourself and your future business. Building an online presence is as simple as setting up a web page or a blog. First you need to purchase a domain name. Then I suggest setting up a WordPress blog using your actual name as the domain name. If your name is already in use, you can use a hyphen between your first and last name or use something like or Take time to come up with what you want to communicate as your business or your niche, because you will probably not be able to change it.

Create a Product for Sale Online


You may be wondering how you can create a product, especially if you are just thinking about starting a business online. Do you have something that you are truly good at and love doing? Do you have a hobby? Is there a subject that you know a lot about? If so, you have a good beginning point.


You can write an ebook detailing how to implement what you do or make short step-by-step videos demonstrating the process. You can blog about your expertise and put it into book form at a later date.


Drive Traffic to Your Product


Once you have your product you can sell it through your site. Join some safelists and traffic exchanges so you will have places to advertise. You will need a LCP (lead capture page) to get peoples’ name and email to start building a list. These will be filtered through a funnel via an autoresponder. As you are building your list, you are posting valuable content on your blog at least once a week. Less often will get you nowhere as far as an online presence is concerned.


You must be prepared to be “in” for the long haul, as things usually do not happen quickly. It takes patience, persistence, and perseverance as with any business. If you have money to invest, your progress can happen faster, but you can also lose a lot of money, especially if you are a newcomer to online business. There is a learning curve, so do not be too hasty. Check things out before diving in.


Setting up an online presence, creating a product to sell, and driving prospects to that product are the basics for making money online. If you are willing to do the work and stay the course, following these three keys to online success will help.


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