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May 3rd, 2013

Promoting With Banner Ads

by Rahimah Sultan

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There is a fine line between advertising and spam and unfortunately many business owners don’t understand the difference between the two. This is important because while a clever, well-planted Internet marketing campaign can help attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal, spam is likely to alienate both new and existing customers.


Promoting with banner ads is one of the most popular strategies in Internet marketing. These ads usually appear at the top of websites and span the width of the site. It’s this placement that gave them the name.  Now they come in a variety of sizes and shapes that appear in various locations on a website.


Ad Exchanges

In many cases the business owner purchases advertising space on these websites but the ad may also be placed as part of an exchange or an affiliate marketing campaign. Ad exchanges are just that. You can post your ad on a site and that site owner can post an ad on your site. These agreements may be made individually between business owners with complementary businesses or as part of exchanges facilitated by a third party.


Affiliate Marketing

In the case of affiliate marketing, an affiliate posts and advertisement for your business in exchange for compensation when the ad produces a desired effect such as generating website traffic or generating a sale. The terms of these agreements are determined beforehand and are generally based on a scale of pay per impression, pay per click or pay per sale or lead.


Banner Ad Spam

Over Use of banner ads can be considered spam. Judiciously placing your ad on a few websites which are likely to attract an audience similar to your target audience is smart marketing. But placing your ad on any website which will display that ad, regardless of your target audience, can be construed as spam. Internet users who feel as though your ads are everywhere will likely not take your business seriously and probably will not purchase your products or services because of your overuse of banner ads.