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June 27th, 2014

Emails For Cash: Part Two

by Rahimah Sultan

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Emails For Cash is a product that will help you to skip some of the trial-and-error frustration of email marketing.


This video course shows you step by step different strategies and methods for using email marketing and how to write and use emails.


In part one (Click to Read) we reviewed videos one through five on email construction, copy writing skills and ways to profit with email marketing. This article covers videos six through 10.


Video #6 continues with constructing follow-up emails for your list(s), and setting intervals for delivering them. This is done on autopilot through your autoresponder.


You can use follow-up emails to offer your list a product or a free gift. The product can be yours or an affiliate offer.


Video #7 shows you how to create a follow-up message for the download page for your product.
If it’s a free offer be sure to state the benefits. This is a method used to get your list to know, like and trust you.


Video #8 addresses finding affiliate products for your niche. Be sure to choose a good product that will interest your subscribers.


Video #9 continues instruction for creating an email for affiliate products.


Video #10 is more on affiliate products and using broadcast emails in your autoresponder.


Use these strategies in your emails for cash marketing to gain long-term profits, and never give up.


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