Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

3 Things To Understand About Internet Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan
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Working for yourself affords many personal benefits, although the ultimate goal is creating revenue. When it comes to advertising your website there are many options that include free and low-cost ad techniques that include social media.

While sharing information about your brand, products or services through posts, tweets, images and video, you have the opportunity to develop an honest bond with customers who are left feeling good about purchasing from you. Whatever marketing paths you choose there are three things to understand about Internet marketing.


1) Web Design


Even though you are utilizing fresh blog articles, a mobile-responsive design and other optimization techniques, your website should be user-friendly and interesting enough to make visitors stay. These key web design features will all play an important part in your advertising strategies.


2) SEO


Proper use of SEO can make a big impact on how well you perform over competitors in your niche. While incorporating relevant keywords throughout your site is an important step, it is not the only one. Other factors to consider are links to your site, social media, and reviews – links from high-quality and authoritative sites being the most important of these. Search engines see these links as votes of confidence for your site, allowing for higher rankings.


3) Selling is a Process


You have to understand your target audience and their needs, then create content for all stages of your sales funnel, which allows you to have a much higher chance of turning site visitors into paying customers. Traffic is not the most important metric when it comes to measuring online marketing success. Your focus should be your site’s ability to turn visitors into leads.


Internet marketing is a constantly-changing industry. Practices shift and search engine results pages become increasingly competitive. What works today may not work a month from now.


Having a good web design with proper SEO goes a long way in your marketing process as does knowing your target audience and their needs. These are 3 things to understand about Internet marketing to aide in your online success.


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