Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Myths of Content Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan

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There are some myths floating around about content marketing. Jeff Bullas discusses seven of them in 7 Big Myths of Content Marketing.


“Content marketing has become an art and a science.” It involves telling stories with a bit of marketing added. Engagement with prospective customers is a must. The creation of content alone will not attract opportunities and produce business changing marketing strategies.


Content marketing is not just about search engines. You need to write for humans. It is many moving parts that include images, videos, blog posts, many social networks, multiple media, metrics, optimization, email, search and more.


The article points out that many bloggers (and content marketers) have fallen into the trap of only giving away free content. They forget to ask for something in return. They think that conversion from traffic to leads and sales will happen on its own.


“Want something for free like a free PDF then I need an email in return. Want to read that ebook. That will be $7 thank you. Want some premium resources and maybe online training then the credit card needs some loving.”


Great content marketing achieves 3 goals: Traffic, engagement and conversion.


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