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June 24th, 2017

Writing New Content Easily

by Rahimah Sultan
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Your content marketing strategy must begin with articles as the base. You can put them on your blog or publish them in article directories. It’s preferable to place them on your blog. Whichever you choose, you need to first create them. You can use the following as a guide to writing new content easily.


Generally, people will start with an introduction, list a few points, and write a conclusion. But that presents a problem if you’re stuck. So start with the end, the conclusion. What is it you want people to do as a result of having reviewed your content?


You include a call to action (CTA), but you must ask yourself why anyone would want to take action in the first place. If you don’t have a good answer then the chances that anyone else will are next to nil.


You have to start with the end in mind. Give people a reason for wanting to see what you have to offer. Tell them what it can do to help them solve a problem. Discuss some key points that lead to a logical conclusion.


You want to peak their interest so they’ll follow through and click on that link which leads to a free gift for joining your newsletter or sends them to a blog article that can help with something they’re struggling with or whatever you’re wanting them to take action on.


First, make an outline using your key selling points. This outline is simply a few key things jotted down for your benefit. List the main point and write a couple of lines about it, then go to the next important point and do the same. Use three or four key ideas.


Your outline should look something like this:


The problem – Don’t know how to…

My widget solves that problem by…
My widget solves the problem (how?)


Click here (CTA link) to check out the widget


You’re working backward, in no particular order, and listing the main points. Be sure that each bullet point and subtext leads logically to the next thing, and that in turn leads the reader to take some sort of action.


What would the reader need to feel in order to click on your link? Your conclusion needs to make people feel obligated to do what you say to get what they want.


When you finish discussing your points or ideas, the conclusion should make perfect sense.


Writing new content easily can be simpler than you think when you follow this approach of starting with the end in mind and logically laying out your key points to lead people to where you want them to go, i.e., your CTA.


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September 3rd, 2016

Article Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan


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If you don’t have an online presence, you can establish one by blogging. As a beginning blogger, you can use this information to begin establishing your authority and to add fresh content to your site. Fresh content keeps your blog up to date and entices visitors to return.




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January 7th, 2016

4 Benefits of Article Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan

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Do you have an online presence? Blogging is one way to establish an online existence, especially if you have or want to start a business. If you are already set up with a blog, you most likely know about the four benefits of article marketing that I am presenting here. If you are a beginning blogger, you can use this information as you move forward. Article marketing can bring more visibility to your site and establish your authority. Use article marketing to add fresh content to your site.




Fresh content keeps your blog up to date. People will want to return to your blog when you share new, useful information, especially something that will solve some problem they may be experiencing. You can use a call to action in your post that invites people to purchase an item you may be selling that will solve their particular difficulty. As you make more posts, your site visibility will begin to increase.




Once you gain more visibility in the search engines you begin to look more authoritative. When people do searches and they find your site, you have the opportunity to make more sales. It stands to reason that the more problems you solve the more people will follow you, making you an authority.




One of the best ways to showcase your knowledge and skills is content that can help your audience. When this is accomplished, you can become an authority figure in your business.




You can share your blog content on social media to encourage communication with your target audience and then use those channels to promote audience participation.


Adding fresh content to gain more visibility and establish your authority, and maintaining communication with your audience are 4 Benefits of Article Marketing.


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