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May 18th, 2017

Marketing: Getting Your Business Noticed Online

by Rahimah Sultan


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While sharing information about your brand, products or services, you have the opportunity to develop an honest bond with customers who are left feeling good about purchasing from you.


The smart online marketers build stronger business brands to stay high in the search rankings by building trust, sharing quality content, link building, using social media, and using SEO.


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February 27th, 2014

Internet Marketing Measuring for Business

by Rahimah Sultan

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Google’s Matt Cutts, in discussing Google’s Internet Marketing Measuring for Business regarding guest posting, states that Google is geared towards recognizing utility. If Google doesn’t recognize utility, then Google will become weaker and someone else will take their place. Only a few people remember Alta Vista. They didn’t provide much in the way of utility….


He then goes on to discuss the importance of measurement.


Measuring What Is Important


Matt Cutts says that a publishing strategy based on Google ranking is not a strategy but a tactic and it’s not a good tactic. He goes on to say that if interesting material is provided, people will read it and they might return if more interesting information is provided. This is creating engagement. That combined activity plays into ranking. Success depends on achieving the underlying business goal.


Some common things that are measured are Page views, Subscriptions, Comments, Quality of comments, Syndication, Time on site, Videos watched, Unique visitors, Traffic sent to partner sites, and much more.


How Do We Know If We’re Interesting?


“There are a couple of different types of measurement marketers use. One is an emotional response, where the visitor becomes “positively interested”. This is measured by recall studies, association techniques, customers surveys and questionnaires. However, the type of response on-line marketers focus on, which is somewhat easier to measure, is behavioural interest. When people are really interested, they do something in response.”


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December 6th, 2013

4 Things You Must Consider Before Starting A Home Business

by Rahimah Sultan

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There are 4 things you must consider before starting a home business. There are some things that you absolutely must have if you are serious about running a business and others that you will want to get later.


If you want to make and maintain an income you must put in the work, especially in the beginning. Then later as your finances allow, you can automate or outsource work to gain some time freedom.


Since you are building a business all normal business principles apply. You need a plan, a budget, and you need to keep records. The internet can help to cut the time frame that it takes to achieve profit but it does not change the basics of building a successful business. To do this you will need certain tools.


Tools You Need


1) A computer – Be sure your computer has adequate memory available and a moderate to fast processing speed. This is your number one tool and it has to work for you to be effective.


2) An internet connection – A high-speed (Cable or DSL) internet connection. If you intend to build a progressive business, dial-up just will not work. You can start that way but a faster connection should be one of the first upgrades in your budget. Ensure that a Wi-Fi switch is available on your computer to allow you the option of a cable and wireless connection.


3) Antivirus and spyware protection – As you will be online much of the time, you need protection against computer viruses and spyware so that your computer is always up and running when you need it.


4) Printer – You will most likely consider getting a printer. The lower the initial cost the higher the cost of replacement ink or toner. So, the only person likely to benefit from a low-cost printer with high-cost consumables is someone who prints very little, and stretches out the time between replacements as long as possible. Unless you’re one of them, you should check a printer’s ink or toner costs before you buy, to avoid budget-busting surprises later.


5) Office supplies – you will need regular office supplies such as pens, paper, file folders, calendar, etc.


Time and Money


The first thing you need to do is figure out exactly how much time and money you are going to spend on your business. The speed at which you can build your business is determined by how much time and money you can invest on a regular basis. You should be able to put in a minimum of 10-15 hours a week and at least…Click to read entire article