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September 9th, 2017

Internet Marketing Training/Tips

by Rahimah Sultan


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“You’re leaving a lot of money behind if you have not started to take benefit of the opportunities offered on the Internet for your organisation. Utilizing Internet marketing strategies and methods, you can develop your service bigger than you ever thought, with consumers all over the world.”


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May 4th, 2017

Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan


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When developing a marketing strategy, you need to first develop customer personas. You need to ask some questions:



*What are your customers roles?
*Do they have decision-making authority?
*What are the demographics…


Every marketing strategy should start with your customer base. Who are the people using your product? What do these individuals value, what do they feel, what products are they currently using, and what will it take to sign them on as paying customers?


Marketing is about human-to-human relationships and can happen through any online or offline medium. At the end of the day, your customers probably won’t remember whether they found your company through a click on a Facebook ad or through a referral from a friend.


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November 13th, 2016

3 Tips for a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

by Rahimah Sultan
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If you understand Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, you have the basics of online marketing and you can implement a successful Internet Marketing strategy.


Using a successful online marketing strategy is the way to open the door to sales.


SEO is a means of getting your information found by the search engines as well as a way to get your website found, while social media marketing is all about interaction with prospective customers to get them to know, like and trust you.


Read A Successful Online Marketing Strategy which covers these 3 Tips for a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy.


July 21st, 2016

Internet Marketing Training: 10 Lessons

by Rahimah Sultan


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In Internet marketing, you want to find fresh topics that keep people interested, and use attention-grabbing headlines. Lay out your points in order of importance to the reader. Do not leave the most important elements for the end. You will lose people as they will click away before ever seeing them.


Above all remember you must always have good-quality content.


Read 10 Lessons Journalists Can Teach Content Marketers, for Internet marketing tips.


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April 14th, 2016

Use The Rule of Three in Your Internet Marketing

by Rahimah Sultan


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It’s no accident that the number three is pervasive throughout some of our greatest stories, fairy tales, and myths.


It’s also no coincidence that some of the most famous quotes from throughout history are structured in three parts, nor is it surprising that the Rule of Three also works wonders in the world of comedy.


Use the rule of three in your internet marketing so that you are more engaging as a writer.


People process information by patterns, and three is the smallest number of elements required for a pattern. Use storytelling, sticky ideas, and humor – each with three elements or three bullet points – to engage your audience.


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November 12th, 2015

3 Tips on Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan

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Running a website is a great if it is not just a general site. Your site needs to have a particular focus on a specific aspect of a particular niche. Once you have decided what to focus on set up your site, get it online and start directing people to it. Here are three tips on internet marketing training.

1) Instant Success


There are claims daily about how easily and quickly someone became rich online, but what is not mentioned is what it took to gain that success. It took a dream and commitment. Internet marketing takes work.


If you have never done business online and are now considering it, you might want to think about investing in some training and coaching before jumping in. Take a few days to check out some systems and coaches so that you have 24-hour access to needed information and assistance.


2) Bright Shiny Objects


Do not let every new program or system advertised throw you off course. There are hundreds online and new ones coming out every day touting the “get-rich-quick” scheme or the “we-do-all-the-work” thing. Your success is dependent upon your own efforts and you need to be in control. Stay focused on what you want to achieve.


3) Advertising


You do not need to be everywhere online, just where your traffic is. When you start online you will most likely be a one-person operation. All the work will be done by you. If you set up a blog, you will be writing all the posts unless you hire a writer. You will be doing all the advertising, and you may have a limited budget. To get free traffic you must view others’ ads for credits to send out mailings. Social media sites are great if they fit into your plan. Who will do the posting? These are just a few considerations.


Growing a list of subscribers is great, although it’s not the ‘be all’, ‘end all’ of Internet marketing. Having a list and communicating with those people can gain you many buyers and in the end, many friendships.


Be clear about your message (niche), your brand, and your offer. Continue learning more and more about your niche and put it out there in clear and concise content. As things are forever changing, your learning will be ongoing. Keep in mind these Three Tips on Internet Marketing Training.


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June 22nd, 2015

Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan

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A few years ago I worked four years at a federal government supported program. While there I had seriously begun checking into working online and internet marketing training. The person who was my supervisor had established the office where I was employed. She passed away about a year before I was scheduled to leave. The new supervisor was from out of state and not able to be in the office until about six months later.


In the meantime, I and one other staff member basically ran the office, with the help of two area directors from two different offices who had signature authority. Needless to say, that was a very stressful time.


When the new director arrived he wanted me to overhaul the office which included sorting and discarding old files and rearranging files and the filing system that had been in place for about 15 years. This was a lot of work to try to squeeze into my allotted 20 hours a week, but it had to be done along with my other duties. Of course I ended up working more hours. Each day I would dash home to do my internet marketing training.


This was a challenging dilemma for me as I was just starting to get into the online business world and was on overload with the learning curve involved in internet marketing. As I only had a certain number of months left in the program, the director and I compromised. He allowed me to take the extra hours off at the end of my time. That allowed me to leave that job sooner and to be able to focus solely on my internet marketing training.


Sometimes things just do not go as planned and we have to switch gears or just hang in there and do what we can until things become manageable again. There will always be challenges to overcome in life and certainly in the internet marketing business. You must have commitment, set your priorities, focus, and do the required work, and you must not spread yourself too thin.


Through commitment, focus, work, and Internet Marketing Training you can overcome challenges you may face in your online efforts.


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May 16th, 2014

Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan

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In order to become a successful entrepreneur you must start with some Internet Marketing Training. You must treat your business like a business and not a hobby. Make being your own boss your motivation to strive for excellence and great customer satisfaction.


Operating a work from home business is the perfect opportunity for you to be your own boss provided you’re prepared to do so! Working alone can be very exciting however experiencing small business success at home requires time dedication and effort, persistence, and training.


Internet Marketing Training for business is essential for developing a sound business that will continue to make you money. You can get started by searching online for opportunities. Be very careful because there are a lot of scams. Do some research before signing up to buy anything. You can also get training from books as well as free online training.


Click here to read Why Internet Business Training is Vital For Online Business



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April 25th, 2014

Niche Marketing: Part Two

by Rahimah Sultan

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Part one of Niche Marketing Made Easy Workshop covered the first three components of the package. Click here to read. Now we shall discuss four and five.


Number 4 Covers:
Niche Marketing
Made Easy Hottest Niche List. When deciding on what product or service you will promote in a niche market your decision should be based on demand for a product or service. Make sure you focus your energy on finding products that people are really looking for such as…


Things they actually need
How to make their lives better
How to make them feel better
Ways of looking better physically
Stuff that helps them solve a problem


Niche Marketing Made Easy Workshop has included over 100 HOT-NICHES to save you a ton of time in your niche research!


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Number 5 Covers:
Niche Marketing Made Easy Resource, is an over-the-shoulder look at what needs to be done and how to achieve a Niche Empire. It includes a list of some additional resources that you need to investigate to help you achieve your profitable niche business.


Once you go through this workshop you’ll have a proven niche marketing system in place that not only will make you the income that you want and need, but it’s totally scalable too!


You can drive more traffic and make more money and/or you can go into another niche and setup the system for more profits!


Imagine what it’s going to be like to finally have a niche empire providing real online income almost on autopilot. No more will you have to chase the dreams that “they” have been selling you because you’ll be making your own dreams come true with your Niche Marketing empire!