Thursday, July 11th, 2013

New Viral Mailer Just Launched – Planet Safelist!

There’s a new viral mailer just launched – Planet Safelist.


You get rotators and trackers to add to the rotators. You can send mail every 48 hours, and earn commissions as well.


Take a look at the free member benefits!


– Mail up to 1,000 members every 48 hours!
– Earn 10 credits per email read with increasing dynamic ratios!
– Earn 10% of your downline members credits earned on your first level!
– Earn 20% commissions on every personally enrolled member sale!
– Brand yourself with email, banner and text advertising!
– 1,000 mailer credits when you join!
– Huge Downline Builder packed with every major lFMVM program to help you build your business!


And for a very inexpensive upgrade to our jupiter membership!


– Mail up to 5,000 members every 8 hours!
– Earn 25 credits per email read with increasing ratio!
– Earn 20% of your downline members credits earned on your first level and 10% on your second level!
– Earn 75% commissions on every downline member sale!
– 10,000 mailer credits and 1,000 Banner, and Text credits!

You can’t beat the benefits of this new viral mailer that just launched.

New viral mailer just launched!



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