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Performance Marketing With 2-Tier Affiliate Programs



Performance marketing with 2-tier affiliate programs means that you sign up for a certain program to promote then you get someone else to do the same. Thus, you become an affiliate marketer. You are promoting someone else’s program or product or service. The person you get to sign up under you is the second tier.


Affiliate Marketer


An affiliate marketer is one who sends visitors to different offers and who gets paid when the visitor performs a certain action.


There are several methods used for completing these actions.


The completed action can be a lead, a sale, a click through, completing a form or some other action.


Performance Marketing Action Codes


Following is a short list of some of the codes related to certain actions.


CPA (Cost Per Action) – The cost paid per qualified action (click, sale, registration) from an online advertisement or affiliate link.


CPC (Cost Per Click) – The cost or cost-equivalent paid per click through from an online advertisement to the advertiser’s destination.


CPL (Cost Per Lead) – Total cost of online advertisement campaign divided by the number of leads generated.


CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions) – An agreed upon price paid to a content site for displaying an advertiser’s banner a thousand times. “M” represents the Roman numeral for 1000.


You need to advertise in order to get people to perform these actions. The advertising methods that you can use include placing banners or text links on your own site, buying sponsored listings in search engines and email marketing.




Your payment, as an affiliate marketer, is a percentage of the money the person you refer gets paid?


Things To Know


There are some important things to consider when deciding on affiliate programs.


Is the program or affiliate network legitimate and does it have a good tracking system.


Does it have good campaigns and attractive offers for promotion so that affiliates can actually make money.


Does it pay in a timely fashion. You don’t want to have to wait 60 days for payment.


What percentage does it pay referrals? How does this percentage compare with industry standards?


How long do you continue to receive referral commissions?


Performance marketing with 2-tier affiliate programs is simply signing up for a program to promote and finding other marketers to do the same.


So check things out and find a 2-tier program that can make you money over and over for a little effort put in today.


I’m an entrepreneur with a focus on internet marketing. I’ve been in offline MLM in the health and wellness area, and I am now focused on building my Internet business that includes blogging, social media and affiliate marketing.


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