Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Article Marketing With PLR Articles

by Rahimah Sultan

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Article marketing is by far the best free means of promoting your business and increasing your sales and opt-in subscribers. Article marketing with PLR articles is a good way for for non-writers to get started. Usually when people think of Article Marketing, they focus on how to write the article rather than how to market it.


You can submit articles to article directories, ezine publishers and article announcement lists. Most people are familiar with the first two, but maybe not the last one.


Article announcement list


An article announcement list is a type of mailing list that receives free reprint articles. People who would like to receive free online content sign up for the list, and when the articles are submitted they receive them by way of email. This means that to send your article to the mailing list, you need to join the mailing list and agree to receive content from other people. In this regard, it’s like a safelist—you can end up with thousands of emails in your box.


When you submit articles in this manner you achieve several things:


You establish yourself as an expert in your field


Readers are more likely to listen to you if they feel you know what you’re talking about.


You give the reader a link to your website


By attaching a resource box to your article, you are giving the reader a link to your website. If readers are impressed with your knowledge, they’ll probably click on your link to see what it is that you’re offering.


You increase your search engine page rank


Your search engine page rank is increased by providing a non-reciprocal link to your website. Search engines seem to give extra weight to non-reciprocal links in their page rankings.


But many marketers are not comfortable writing their own articles. That’s why there’s such a demand for private label articles. You can then run into a problem since there are many of these services available.


Depending on how these articles are used, the results can be ugly, bad or good.


The ugly: Many marketers put so many links in their article that it becomes one long ad. This will not only get you rejected, but ultimately banned if you do it often enough.


The Bad: Laziness plagues many marketers who use private label articles. They simply copy and paste an article and submit it with no personalization. So give yourself a fighting chance of getting your article approved by at least changing the title and the wording in the first paragraph.


Most article directories require that your articles be approved before they’re posted. But it’s highly unlikely that they actually read the article, as dozens, even hundreds are submitted daily. They will use software for the task.


Most directory software will automatically search their database for duplicate titles. If the title of your article matches one in their database, yours will be rejected. Most directories also check the body of the article for the percentage of duplicated content.


The Good: When used correctly private label articles can give the non-writer a big boost over other marketers. They can increase your traffic, sales, and opt-in subscribers.


Article marketing with PLR articles is a way for non-writers to get content and to advertise. A good article contains useful content for your readers, whether they buy your product or not. It will increase the chances of them clicking on your link in the resource box. Private label articles are a great tool when correctly used.


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