Friday, March 21st, 2014

Advertising Headlines

by Rahimah Sultan

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Write good advertising headlines for your product or service. They should immediately catch the reader’s attention. The success of your advertisement lies mostly in the headline. You can state the benefits such as ‘Does Your Autoresponder Service Offer These benefits’?


Use “free” in the headline, and actually give them something for no cost. Do not confuse this with using the word free in an email, which is usually spelled FR~E on websites as ISP filters block messages having the actual word, considering it to be some kind of spam.


You is a very important word to use in an advertisement. It makes your potential customers feel that they’re being spoken to directly. Picture yourself as the customer, and what would appeal to you.


You need to understand the consumer’s needs and desires and then design the advertisement accordingly. Don’t just state the advantages of a product or service, but show how it can make a difference in their business or life by owning or using it. Show them the advantage of owning the product or having the service. The idea is to make prospective buyers feel that they must have what you’re offering them.


For example, when advertising for a car, just stating the specs will not create the effect you want. Make the Ad read something like this: You could be enjoying life to the fullest in your new (car). The solution to the problem of the customer is reflected in this sentence. Ideas can be taken from advertisements of similar brands. Once you have the main sentence, use some power words to create a desire or need for your product or service, which could be a mailing system, an autoresponder, website designing, or whatever.


Offer a “Money back guarantee,” at the end of your advertisement to help gain the trust of your customer. Then show the payment methods and how money will be refunded if the customer is not satisfied.


You can use these tips in your Advertising Headlines to get more customers.


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