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December 19th, 2014

Online Marketing as an Alternative for Baby Boomers

by Rahimah Sultan

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Lillie Lacy discusses some alternatives for the future of the Baby Boomers, who may not have saved enough for retirement. One choice is to keep working as long as possible, and another is to start an online business. Online marketing as an alternative for Baby Boomers is a beneficial choice, as it can be done from home and almost any place in the world.


‘As a group, they were the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation up to that time, and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time. They were also the generation that received peak levels of income; therefore they could reap the benefits of abundant levels of food, apparel, retirement programs, and sometimes even “midlife crisis” products. The increased consumerism for this generation has been regularly criticized as excessive.’


Many people are using Internet Marketing as a means for extra money or a fulltime income and are very successful. Just think it through, make a plan and use online marketing as an alternative for Baby Boomers.


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December 12th, 2014

Internet Marketing Tool

by Rahimah Sultan

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As Internet Marketers, we understand the absolute importance of promotion. Marketing is the lifeline for any business, product or service. Just as we need a website and an autoresponder, we need places to advertise like safelists and traffic exchanges among others. I recently discovered another great Internet Marketing tool to add to my marketing arsenal. It is Hot Spot Mailer, owned by Maryanne Myers, and it has been around since May of 2009.


You need a widespread reach, targeted audiences, and cost-effective advertising for whatever business you are in. You can use this mailer for free or choose the upgrade. As I want to fill my marketing arsenal with paid one-time-only items–as opposed to a monthly fee–I upgraded. It is dirt cheap.


You are not limited to once a day or week on mailing an ad, as long as you have credits. You will definitely benefit from the upgrade. You can choose to have members emails come to your designated email address or you can use your HSM (Hotspotmailer) email box.


If you should happen to run short of funds at some future time, you will always have this mailer in your Internet marketing tools arsenal with no monthly fee.


December 5th, 2014

Blog Promotion for Internet Marketers

by Rahimah Sultan

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In this article Blogger Darren Rowse discusses how to promote your blog without letting the rest of your blogging slide. He shares a particular comment that was in response to an article on how his blogs grew. This is his summary for the article.


There are a couple of things that I think we as bloggers always need to pay attention to – these being publishing regular high quality content on our blogs and looking after the readers we already have (community).


These activities are like a baseline. Take the focus off these at any point and your blog is likely to suffer fairly quickly.


Promoting a blog is something you should also have some baseline activities and rhythm around. For example sharing new content to social media (whether through automation or manually doing it) is good practice.


However I do think there are times where it’s probably well worth having a burst of concerted promotional effort to grow your blog.


Whether it be through guest posting, reaching out to mainstream media, attending/speaking at events or even paying for advertising – a burst of intentional promotional activity for a defined period can have some real benefits.


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