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February 20th, 2018

Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan

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In Internet marketing, you want to find fresh topics that keep people interested, and use attention-grabbing headlines. Lay out your points in order of importance to the reader. Do not leave the most important elements…


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May 4th, 2017

Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan


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When developing a marketing strategy, you need to first develop customer personas. You need to ask some questions:



*What are your customers roles?
*Do they have decision-making authority?
*What are the demographics…


Every marketing strategy should start with your customer base. Who are the people using your product? What do these individuals value, what do they feel, what products are they currently using, and what will it take to sign them on as paying customers?


Marketing is about human-to-human relationships and can happen through any online or offline medium. At the end of the day, your customers probably won’t remember whether they found your company through a click on a Facebook ad or through a referral from a friend.


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July 21st, 2016

Internet Marketing Training: 10 Lessons

by Rahimah Sultan


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In Internet marketing, you want to find fresh topics that keep people interested, and use attention-grabbing headlines. Lay out your points in order of importance to the reader. Do not leave the most important elements for the end. You will lose people as they will click away before ever seeing them.


Above all remember you must always have good-quality content.


Read 10 Lessons Journalists Can Teach Content Marketers, for Internet marketing tips.


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May 21st, 2016

Writing An Effective Autoresponder Series

by Rahimah Sultan

An autoresponder is a series of email marketing messages that get sent to subscribers in the order you choose and at the times you want.

An autoresponder can be the welcome message a prospect receives when signing up for your free report on woodworking, a three-part series on mango dessert recipes or a 10-day email course that tells people how to declutter their homes quickly and easily.

You do not want to stop with the welcome email. The smart move is to create a longer series of autoresponder messages.


Allow you to continually show your best content.
Allow you to deliver the same high-value experience to every new subscriber.
Are great places to mention related offers without sounding dodgy.
Allow you to slowly build trust with your audience and make sure your new subscribers do not forget you.

Use your autoresponders to:

1) Share a bit (do not over share) about yourself and your business journey.

2) Offer tips to your subscribers that they can implement immediately to help them.

3) Ask questions of your subscribers as to what related challenges they may have or how they found your site, and have them reply to your emails.

4) Offer them a short list of resources such as blogs, books, online tools, etc. that will help them meet their goals.

Deliver your emails via the autoresponder function of your email marketing program.
Write the best content you can for your autoresponder. The time you put in now can continue to grow your business in the future.

If someone joins your email list, it’s likely he or she will also want to connect with you on his or her favorite social media platform. So, share other ways to connect with you.

Before you start writing, make a short outline of how many messages you want to include and how far apart they should be delivered. This outline will keep you on track as you write the entire sequence. Begin with three to five emails.

Once you have written your emails, queue them up in your email service provider, and then test the series to make sure everything works properly.

Once you have completed the above, you can send visitors to your opt-in form and start getting subscribers.

The autoresponder’s most important function is to take people who are curious about what you do and turn them into raving fans. Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales.

Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience through effective subject line writing (which gets your messages opened); your distinctive voice (which gets your messages read); and delivering quality, niche-specific content your prospect needs and shares with others (which inspires referrals and word-of-mouth).

These tips will help you in Writing An Effective Autoresponder Series.

Autoresponders: Getting Started Click here for yours now


June 22nd, 2015

Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan

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A few years ago I worked four years at a federal government supported program. While there I had seriously begun checking into working online and internet marketing training. The person who was my supervisor had established the office where I was employed. She passed away about a year before I was scheduled to leave. The new supervisor was from out of state and not able to be in the office until about six months later.


In the meantime, I and one other staff member basically ran the office, with the help of two area directors from two different offices who had signature authority. Needless to say, that was a very stressful time.


When the new director arrived he wanted me to overhaul the office which included sorting and discarding old files and rearranging files and the filing system that had been in place for about 15 years. This was a lot of work to try to squeeze into my allotted 20 hours a week, but it had to be done along with my other duties. Of course I ended up working more hours. Each day I would dash home to do my internet marketing training.


This was a challenging dilemma for me as I was just starting to get into the online business world and was on overload with the learning curve involved in internet marketing. As I only had a certain number of months left in the program, the director and I compromised. He allowed me to take the extra hours off at the end of my time. That allowed me to leave that job sooner and to be able to focus solely on my internet marketing training.


Sometimes things just do not go as planned and we have to switch gears or just hang in there and do what we can until things become manageable again. There will always be challenges to overcome in life and certainly in the internet marketing business. You must have commitment, set your priorities, focus, and do the required work, and you must not spread yourself too thin.


Through commitment, focus, work, and Internet Marketing Training you can overcome challenges you may face in your online efforts.


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June 20th, 2014

Emails For Cash: Part One

by Rahimah Sultan

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If you’re anything like I used to be then I’m sure you’ve had your share of troubles when it came to email marketing and the frustration of trying to make your first dollar…failing time and time again trying to use emails for cash.


No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t pull one lousy dollar from my list. ONE LOUSY DOLLAR!


I was convinced that email marketing and learning how to make money through emails was more complex than a Rubik’s cube. Through experience, I finally started figuring out what worked!


Emails For Cash is a product that will help you to skip some of the trial and error frustration I dealt with in my email marketing efforts.


This video course shows you step by step different strategies and methods for using email marketing and how to write and use emails.


Video #1 is an overview of email construction: Subjects, headings, body, links and the closing.


Video #2 covers Copy Writing Skills:
Using persuasive language that holds your readers’ attention and compels them to keep reading
Creating powerful headlines that describe the benefit of your product for the reader
Constructing your main message with bullet points to get the readers’ attention
Making the benefits to your readers clear
Having a powerful call to action telling them what to do such as click here or fill out the form
Providing ways for people to contact you
Composing emails with a free gift included


Videos #3 – #5 cover ways to profit with email marketing: Two examples are using a squeeze page or your own product.


Although the autoresponder used in this video course is AWeber, I prefer to use Host Then Profit because it is very much more than just an autoresponder. And, I use only one list with my funnel.


Always remember that in order to sell, you must also give away good quality freebies so that your customers don’t feel like you just want their money.


Never give up! Use Emails For Cash and craft emails that will bring you income.


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April 25th, 2014

Niche Marketing: Part Two

by Rahimah Sultan

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Part one of Niche Marketing Made Easy Workshop covered the first three components of the package. Click here to read. Now we shall discuss four and five.


Number 4 Covers:
Niche Marketing
Made Easy Hottest Niche List. When deciding on what product or service you will promote in a niche market your decision should be based on demand for a product or service. Make sure you focus your energy on finding products that people are really looking for such as…


Things they actually need
How to make their lives better
How to make them feel better
Ways of looking better physically
Stuff that helps them solve a problem


Niche Marketing Made Easy Workshop has included over 100 HOT-NICHES to save you a ton of time in your niche research!


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Building Your Niche Empire Today!


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Number 5 Covers:
Niche Marketing Made Easy Resource, is an over-the-shoulder look at what needs to be done and how to achieve a Niche Empire. It includes a list of some additional resources that you need to investigate to help you achieve your profitable niche business.


Once you go through this workshop you’ll have a proven niche marketing system in place that not only will make you the income that you want and need, but it’s totally scalable too!


You can drive more traffic and make more money and/or you can go into another niche and setup the system for more profits!


Imagine what it’s going to be like to finally have a niche empire providing real online income almost on autopilot. No more will you have to chase the dreams that “they” have been selling you because you’ll be making your own dreams come true with your Niche Marketing empire!


April 18th, 2014

Niche Marketing: Part One

by Rahimah Sultan


If you have been frustrated with fruitless attempts to make any money on line in any niche market, then this hands-on Niche Marketing workshop can show you exactly the step-by-step process of the roadmap to create your own niche empire!


How many times have you come up with a great idea on making some money with a niche site
and run into these problems:


Thought you would start making online income once your niche site was created?
You’ve created a site bit it lacks “pulling-in” power
Your opt-in isn’t drawing in any or very few subscribers
Your niches audience aren’t buyers


Don’t get discouraged!


Armed with the right tools and approach, you too can join the ranks with those who are truly enjoying the financial freedom afforded through building a very profitable Niche Empire!


Follow Liz Tomey as she takes us through this workshop with a detailed step-by-step approach as she leads you through these steps in selecting a niche through to completion.


Niche Marketing Made Easy Workshop has five components, of which three will be discussed here.


Number 1 Covers:

Finding a Profitable Niche
Finding the Demand
Fulfilling the Demand (creating a product)
Creating a Marketing System to Move the Product, then,
Rinse and Repeat to Build That Niche Empire! This step is definitely the key to building a killer online income!


Find out whether you should create a series of products for one niche or create a lot of products for different niches.


Number 2 Covers:

Product Empire Diagrams. Have you ever gotten lost and wished you had a decent road map to guide you to your end goal? The answer is very likely “of course”. OK, you have embarked on learning how to build your very own Niche Empire, but how do you get there?


Well fortunately this course includes some diagrams on the path to follow in starting with your niche squeeze page flowing into the autoresponder with guidelines as to what your follow-up emails should contain as to resell vs. gaining confidence of your subscriber, and so much more!


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Building Your Niche Empire Today!


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Number 3 Covers:

Niche Marketing Made Easy Checklist. A lot of people are never exactly sure how to enter into a niche let alone how to build a Niche Empire. There are a number of important things and steps to go through to achieve your goal of making a profitable income.


Once you go through this Niche Marketing Made Easy Workshop you’ll have a proven niche marketing system in place that not only will make you the income that you want and need, but it’s totally scalable!


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September 26th, 2013

Organic Lead and Traffic Generation Marketing System

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Internet TV Traffic is an organic lead and traffic generation marketing system with Russell Brunson coaching people on taking an online business or a brick and mortar business and making it happen. It’s set up in lesson form and the lessons cover about anything you can imagine regarding internet marketing. The very first one is an Internet Marketing Overview.


In this video Russell teaches the basics of internet marketing. He is the founder and owner of and one of the top recognized minds in internet marketing.


Russell helps people to start, grow and promote their home business online. These people generally fall into one of three categories:
1) A person who wants to start an online business
2) A person who already has a business and wants to learn how to grow it
3) A person who is a local internet marketing consultant


Regardless of your industry, you should have an online presence that consists of more than just a website. Your business should consist of three components which Russell covers in detail in the internet marketing System Overview.


1) Product or service that you are selling – why it’s important that you whole heartedly believe in what you’re selling
2) Your website with the goal of generating leads and ultimately making sales
3) How to market and get prospects coming from multiple sources to your website


In the first month the lessons also cover outsourcing, email and Google local traffic.


The second month’s lessons in Internet TV Traffic include Google Analytics, Pay per Click basics, PPC Essentials and an Introduction to Adwords.


Months 5 and 6 cover SEO and Link Building for SEO, and the list goes on and on. There are 52 Weeks of Training on this website too and the 1st 4 weeks are free. They cover just about every subject you NEED to know.


There’s something for everyone in Internet TV Traffic the Worlds’ #1 Organic Lead and Traffic Generation Marketing System.


For more information just fill out the form.

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June 19th, 2013

Facebook Marketing 2013 Ebook Review

This Facebook Marketing 2013 Ebook Review pertains to Jo Barnes’ Facebook Marketing 2013: The Essential Things You Must Know to Generate Leads Through Facebook in 2013. Learn exactly how FB works and how to benefit from using it. This 93-page ebook is split into two parts.


Part 1 is a Quick Start Guide to Lead Generation
The book explores Landing Tabs, Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts. Lead generation is  a mix of driving completely new cold traffic to our content, products or services and also, getting in front of warm traffic, which are people who have already expressed an interest, but perhaps haven’t taken any significant action yet.


This means we’ll be advertising to those who have never heard of us and to current fans that are not yet paying customers.


Landing Tabs

Landing Tabs are actually more important now on Facebook than ever before.


A Landing Tab is commonly known as a Squeeze Page in the online marketing world.


So, the flow of a Landing tab is to utilize the power of Facebook to generate the targeted leads. It should attract the prospective customers to your page and your tab and then, encourage them to leave you their name and email address so that you can market to them via email.


In order to get more customers for our business, we need to generate leads. We need to have a steady stream of people interested in our products and services that we can connect with, engage with and sell to! Learn how to use Landing Tabs and Facebook business pages.


Part 2 — About the Long Term

Part 2 is about what happens after you’ve generated all your fantastic new leads. It’s all about communication, engagement, leading warm prospects to take more action with you and building your reputation, your profile and your community on Facebook by using pages, groups and your profile. All of these are explained in detail in this ebook.


There is also a video course to accompany this ebook.
Click Here and Add Facebook Marketing 2013 to Your Traffic Builders
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