Friday, June 20th, 2014

Emails For Cash: Part One

by Rahimah Sultan

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If you’re anything like I used to be then I’m sure you’ve had your share of troubles when it came to email marketing and the frustration of trying to make your first dollar…failing time and time again trying to use emails for cash.


No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t pull one lousy dollar from my list. ONE LOUSY DOLLAR!


I was convinced that email marketing and learning how to make money through emails was more complex than a Rubik’s cube. Through experience, I finally started figuring out what worked!


Emails For Cash is a product that will help you to skip some of the trial and error frustration I dealt with in my email marketing efforts.


This video course shows you step by step different strategies and methods for using email marketing and how to write and use emails.


Video #1 is an overview of email construction: Subjects, headings, body, links and the closing.


Video #2 covers Copy Writing Skills:
Using persuasive language that holds your readers’ attention and compels them to keep reading
Creating powerful headlines that describe the benefit of your product for the reader
Constructing your main message with bullet points to get the readers’ attention
Making the benefits to your readers clear
Having a powerful call to action telling them what to do such as click here or fill out the form
Providing ways for people to contact you
Composing emails with a free gift included


Videos #3 – #5 cover ways to profit with email marketing: Two examples are using a squeeze page or your own product.


Although the autoresponder used in this video course is AWeber, I prefer to use Host Then Profit because it is very much more than just an autoresponder. And, I use only one list with my funnel.


Always remember that in order to sell, you must also give away good quality freebies so that your customers don’t feel like you just want their money.


Never give up! Use Emails For Cash and craft emails that will bring you income.


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