Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Multi-Level Marketing: Your Approach

by Rahimah Sultan


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Multi-level marketing has gotten a bad reputation, partially due to a lot of confusion about legitimacy. Although structured almost exactly like a pyramid scheme, it is legal. A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business that involves the exchange of money, usually in the form of a sign-up fee, and usually has no product or service.


Check what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the company and the guide if it’s nutritionals.


This business is not for everyone. Is your up-line helpful and caring? Are you team spirited?


Another part of the multi-level marketing reputation is due to a marketer’s approach.


When promoting your product or service, don’t be pushy. Just be there when someone is ready to try your offer. If you’ve researched the company and are pleased, educate people on the benefits of using the products or services. You can do this in several ways; physical meetings, online webinars, videos, etc., showing how you are benefiting from using the products or services.


Do not make outrageous income claims or promise people that you will build their business. That only adds fuel to the fire of the bad reputation.


In order to be successful in MLM, you need honesty and integrity; not lies and pushy tactics. And you should care about your team.


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