Thursday, November 12th, 2015

3 Tips on Internet Marketing Training

by Rahimah Sultan

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Running a website is a great if it is not just a general site. Your site needs to have a particular focus on a specific aspect of a particular niche. Once you have decided what to focus on set up your site, get it online and start directing people to it. Here are three tips on internet marketing training.

1) Instant Success


There are claims daily about how easily and quickly someone became rich online, but what is not mentioned is what it took to gain that success. It took a dream and commitment. Internet marketing takes work.


If you have never done business online and are now considering it, you might want to think about investing in some training and coaching before jumping in. Take a few days to check out some systems and coaches so that you have 24-hour access to needed information and assistance.


2) Bright Shiny Objects


Do not let every new program or system advertised throw you off course. There are hundreds online and new ones coming out every day touting the “get-rich-quick” scheme or the “we-do-all-the-work” thing. Your success is dependent upon your own efforts and you need to be in control. Stay focused on what you want to achieve.


3) Advertising


You do not need to be everywhere online, just where your traffic is. When you start online you will most likely be a one-person operation. All the work will be done by you. If you set up a blog, you will be writing all the posts unless you hire a writer. You will be doing all the advertising, and you may have a limited budget. To get free traffic you must view others’ ads for credits to send out mailings. Social media sites are great if they fit into your plan. Who will do the posting? These are just a few considerations.


Growing a list of subscribers is great, although it’s not the ‘be all’, ‘end all’ of Internet marketing. Having a list and communicating with those people can gain you many buyers and in the end, many friendships.


Be clear about your message (niche), your brand, and your offer. Continue learning more and more about your niche and put it out there in clear and concise content. As things are forever changing, your learning will be ongoing. Keep in mind these Three Tips on Internet Marketing Training.


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