Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Article Marketing Resource Box

by Rahimah Sultan

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You want to publish your article in the largest publications that you can, because they get you links when other webmasters use your article on their sites. That’s the purpose for using a resource box. Do not publish unless you’re going to do a good Article Marketing Resource Box.


What Is A Resource Box?


A resource box is the most important part of any article you might get published. It contains information about you. Those details should include your mission statement, which shows what you are about or what you want to accomplish. This is where you promote you, your site or product. Your resource box can only be about 15% of the length of your article.


It must include:


Your name you are trying to brand – yours or a pen name or your website or product.


A call-to-action that reads something like “Fill in the form for more information or fill in the form to get my free report.” Your free report can be a PDF containing two or three of your articles. This is a great list-building tactic.


Your contact information – Skype, Facebook, Twitter. Be careful not to include too many links.


Direct your visitors to a particular article on your website or a particular product or service using a clickable link that is one of your SEO keyword phrases. This is what the search engines pick up.


Do not include a list of every website you own or every accomplishment you’ve ever achieved. That is very unprofessional, and you are building a list with your autoresponder that has follow-up messages about all the things you have and will have over time. Do not include ads for products or services not relevant to your topic.


Remember, you are not doing this for fun. You are marketing your own site to make money, bring in links, and up your page rank in the search engines in order to bring in more business. So let your Article Marketing Resource Box work for you.


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