Monday, May 25th, 2015

4 Content Marketing Promotion Tips

by Rahimah Sultan

Content marketing is sharing valuable content to attract prospects and turn them into customers and repeat buyers. Most content is created and published with a particular audience in mind. It includes blog posts, articles, website copy, letters to customers, social media posts, podcasts, recorded interviews, infographics, photos, and video. Here are 4 Content Marketing Promotion Tips.

1. Who is Your Audience?

When writing content you must decide who it is for—the audience you want to connect with. If you blog about jewelry you want to connect with people interested in jewelry, but you must narrow the niche to serve a particular audience. You might narrow the field to designing and making your own jewelry.

2. Can You Solve a Particular Problem?

How does what you are offering solve a particular problem your customers might have? If you can solve their problems you become the go-to expert. Tell a story about your experience in the business. Incorporate video to show how to make certain items or how to use different tools.

3. How Do You Keep Your Readers Engaged?

What stories can you tell about your experiences? Use them to make your articles interesting, and ask your audience to relate theirs. You can ask them to present any questions they might have or ask them to subscribe to your newsletter through which you deliver information on a regular basis.

4. Provide a Call to Action

Always provide a strong call to action that has a clear message such as, “For more information” or “To get your packet contact me here…”

After all, the point is to get business to your site so give readers clear instructions. You can have them fill out a form so you can follow up with them.

Use engaging and informative content and post on a regular basis. These 4 Content Marketing Promotion Tips can help to improve your effort.

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