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Internet Marketing Goals and Tips

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By Rahimah Sultan

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Every day, internet use is still increasing worldwide.

Marketing has always been about reaching customers where they are. Print advertisements, billboards, and TV commercials all attempt to do just that.

The internet offers exceptional advantages that other marketing mediums can’t, including the option to personalize content, the opportunity to build far-reaching relationships with customers, and its scope of reach.

The internet can be overwhelming with all the videos, recipes, news articles, and e-commerce sites. So, how are you supposed to differentiate your business to reach the right audience?

Internet marketing is the answer.

Internet marketing leverages digital channels that include social media, websites, and search engines, to reach your ideal audience.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing or web advertising, is a form of marketing that uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to customers through digital channels such as search engines, email, websites, and social media.

These marketing strategies include SEO, web design, social media, email, PPC, and other internet-related methods.

What’s the Role of Internet Marketing?

Your customers and prospects are looking for you online.

In traditional marketing, the approach was to direct messages to prospects and customers in the form of advertising, direct mail, and other vehicles. Now, the people you want to reach are already online looking for you, your products, and solutions. So, make it easy for them to find you.

Here are two separate goals you’ll have with internet marketing and the necessary steps to take to achieve them.

1. Attract new customers

To attract new customers, you’ll want to use online marketing strategies. Focus primarily on paid social media ads, search engines, and web design.

You might use Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences to get your message in front of prospects who match your core demographics, or you could pay a social media influencer to share images of your products with that already well-established community.

You can attract new customers to your product or brand with paid social media, but you need to conduct market research and A/B testing before investing too much in one social media channel.

You’ll also need to maintain a powerful SEO presence to attract new customers.

Be sure to spend time and resources on your website design. Your site needs to be easy to navigate and helpful. It must also be user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly.

2. Cultivate brand loyalists

To increase brand awareness, cultivate a strong online community, and retain customer loyalty, you’ll want to use email, blogging, and social media.

Send personalized emails to past customers that contain discounts based on their previous purchases, to wish them a happy birthday, or remind them of upcoming events.

For email campaigns, you’ll need an email list. Here’s how to build your list.

You might use social media to showcase your brand and hear directly from your customers. Consider hosting a Twitter chat, creating fun contests on Facebook, or posting surveys on Instagram.

Online/internet marketing is the broad term and overarching strategy that includes content marketing as one process within that strategy.

Content marketing is the actual process of creating and distributing content to reach audiences.

Online marketing includes sharing that content through search engines, email, and social media. It also includes paid advertising as well as a wide range of strategies that you might use to reach online audiences.

While most of the strategies that fall under online marketing involve content creation, online marketing also includes the non-content creation tasks of internet marketing, such as PPC bidding, and website design.

The function of internet marketing is to help you reach, attract, and convert online audiences to your business.

Using these Internet Marketing Goals and Tips can help you in that effort.

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