Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

100 Percent Traffic

WOW! – Why hasn’t someone thought of this earlier?


Matthew Graves just launched his latest site, 100 Percent Traffic, and I just love the “Universal Credits”.  That is going to save so much hassle!


At 100 Percent Traffic, you get to earn your credits how you want and then spend them in the way which is most effective for you.  No more banner credit, text ad credits, mailing credits, and traffic credits.  This site simplified the whole thing down to just one type of credit – the Universal Credit.


Universal Credits can be earned by clicking links in emails, surfing the traffic exchange, or playing the Banner Blast or Text Ad Treasure Hunt.  They all go into a single Universal Credit balance.


Once you have earned your Universal Credits, you can assign them as you wish to all your promotions.  Use them to email members with the full-featured built in mailer.  Use them to have your site shown in the Traffic Exchange.  Use them to have your Banners and Text Ads shown on the site and in the apps.  You get to pick what works best for you.


No more worries about converting traffic credits to banner credits, or having too many text ad credits and not enough credits to send emails.  The site handles it all for you.


Just like the name says, the site also offers 100% commissions on the Premium Upgrades of those you refer.  What a great way to create a recurring income.  Matthew’s last 100% commission site, 100 Percent Mailer generated almost $20,000 in commissions for members in just it’s first month!  Make sure you upgrade to Premium when you sign up so that you can get those 100% commissions.  Free members get 30%.


Click here to get universal credits at 100 Percent Traffic


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