Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Blogging Tips

by Rahimah Sultan

Are you having trouble with blogging? Are you at a loss for article subjects?

Here are a few blogging tips.

There are subjects all around you. Just be aware of your surroundings.

You can use newspaper headlines, people watching (what you’ve observed someone doing or making, etc.) or what someone did at the grocery or department store.

You can also research information online. It’s your blog.

You can talk about whatever you wish. If you have a niche-specific blog you probably want to make the article relative to that niche.

While making the article relative to your niche you can use analogies.

For example, you observed someone buying flowers. You can tell a story about the type and color, how carefully they were handled and discuss the customer service.

Then if your niche is internet marketing, you can relate this to products for your customers and your follow up customer service.

Once you think of a topic make an outline just like you did for school papers.

The outline should include:

A Title
An Introduction
Some Key Points
A Conclusion
A Resource box

Here is a very basic outline.


The title should be in bold type and it should be engaging. It should set the tone for the entire article.


An introduction is self explanatory. In this article, all of the above is the introduction beginning with the question “Are you having trouble with blogging?”


Your key points become your headings. I suggest an absolute minimum of three key points. They should also be in bold type.


Your conclusion is a summary of your article and anything else you wish to state that is directly related to your topic.

Resource Box

You can also include a resource box with your picture, a bit of information about yourself, and a link to your site or products.

In summary, you now have a template that you can use for every blog post. You can save it in outline form and use it over and over.

It contains a title, introduction, several key points related to your subject, and a conclusion.

Now you can get busy using this template of blogging tips to make your writing easier.

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